Electronic Recycling Information

For information regarding residential e-waste collection sites, please visit this IEPA website. For a list of covered electronic devices, please refer to this IEPA website

A list of residential e-waste collection sites by county is shown below.  Contact the individual collection sites for further information.  (List retrieved June 4, 2018)

DeKalb County
Best Buy, 2074 Sycamore Road, DeKalb, 888-237-8289
Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC, 333 East First Street, Genoa, 608-314-8113
Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC, 14438 East North Street, Cortland, 608-314-8113
Salvation Army, 1814 Sycamore Road, DeKalb, 847-795-3280
Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois, 1037 S. Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb, 815-987-6219
DC Trash of Illinois, Inc., 8 S. Hartness Place, Cortland, 815-758-7274
Waste Management of Illinois, Inc., At Your Door Special Collection, 800-449-7587

Kendall County
Goodwill Industries SEW/Metropolitan Chicago, 1901 Hill Avenue, Montgomery, 262-551-2843
Goodwill IndustriesSEW/Metropolitan Chicago, 481 East Countryside Parkway, Yorkville, 262-551-2843
Best Buy, 2600 US Highway 34, Oswego, 888-237-8289

LaSalle County
Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois, 501 W. Stevenson Rd, Ottawa, 815-987-6219
Buckman Iron & Metal Co. Inc., 705 5th Street, Mendota, 815-223-0322
Buckman Iron & Metal Co. Inc., 1520 Warehouse Drive, Ottawa, 815-223-0322
Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois, 1650 38th Street, Peru, 309-694-9060
Staples, Inc., 4350 Mahoney Drive, Peru, 800-333-3330
Salvation Army, 1610 36th, Peru, 847-795-3280

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