Electronic Recycling Guidelines

The Electronic Recycling Collections sponsored by the City will continue on the second Saturday of each month at the East water tower. Hours will be from 12:30PM to 2:30PM.
All electronic drop offs/municipal collection events will only accept the following 17 items which are banned from the landfill:  computer, computer monitor, printer, television, electronic keyboard, facsimile machine, videocassette recorder, portable digital music player, digital video disc player, video game console, electronic mouse, scanner, digital converter box, cable receiver, satellite receiver, digital video disc recorder, and small-scale server.
Single use/alkaline batteries (A, AA, AAA, B, C, D, E) will no longer be accepted at municipal events, but will be accepted at DC Trash’s Cortland facility for $0.25/unit.
Checks will no longer be accepted at municipal events; only cash.  Cash, credit cards, and checks will be accepted at the Cortland facility only.
Except for televisions, monitors, and items containing Freon, all other DC Trash-approved items will continue to be accepted for free at municipal events.
Only items that are intact as determined by DC Trash will be accepted.  For example, computers must have the hard drive intact.  Computers without hard drives will not be accepted.
Residents will continue to receive voucher coupons in exchange for all charges.
DC Trash has the right to refuse to accept items and will be more diligent in doing so at the municipal collection events.  The second Saturday electronics recycling events are for DeKalb County residents in the City of Sandwich.

Please do not leave items at the Duvick Street yard gates. That is considered dumping and is a violation of the Sandwich Municipal Code.
And isn't very nice.

A guide to disposal of electronic items can be found at http://dekalbcounty.org/Health/environmental/recycle_directory.html for DeKalb County residents.
Kendall County options may be found at

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