Electronic Recycling Guidelines

The Electronic Recycling Collections sponsored by the City will continue on the second Saturday of each month at the East water tower. Hours will be from 12:30PM to 2:30PM. Our recycler will accept any items with a battery or a cord except smoke detectors. There is a cost for computer monitors ($10); TV's less than 19" ($20) and TV's larger than 19" ($30). There are also costs for items that contain Freon: dehumidifiers ($5); mini-fridge or chest freezer ($10); full size refrigerator or full size freezer ($15); or any air conditioning unit ($15). Note that all food shall be removed from freezers and refrigerators by the owner prior to acceptance by the recycler. Please: DeKalb County residents only.
Please do not leave items at the Duvick Street yard gates. That is considered dumping and is a violation of the Sandwich Municipal Code.

And isn't very nice.

A guide to disposal of electronic items can be found at http://dekalbcounty.org/Health/environmental/recycle_directory.html for DeKalb County residents. Kendall County options may be found at http://health.co.kendall.il.us/Environmental/Forms/GREEN_PAGES.pdf.

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