SEMA's Emergency Operating Center


Our EOC is located at 207 East Railroad Street, beneath the Public Works building. The Flexicore floor of the garage allows maximum protection for the EOC beneath.

The main area of the EOC. It can be arranged to suit any situation, and serves as a meeting room under normal circumstances.

The radio room, viewed from the main area. The powered glass door can be closed to prevent ambient noise from disturbing both radio operators and supervisory personnel in the main room.

Main operating point in the radio room. The console, salvaged from the police department and refurbished by EMA personnel, contains radios for all city departments and surrounding communities. The outdoor warning sirens and alert monitors in critical facilities can also be activated from here.

Computers for Internet access for radar and EMWIN data, television for monitoring local conditions, Davis weather station.

Computers for Boltek lightning detector and general recordkeeping. Fax machine and situational maps under Plexiglas for plotting and deployment planning.


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