Out with the old, in with the new!

New and Improved...

...and ready for the 21st Century is the new Emergency Management icon. Designed at the instigation of the National Emergency Management Association, it replaces the venerable Civil Defense logo designed in 1939.


The New and the Old

According to information at NEMA's website, the new icon is comprised of the stylized letters EM, for Emergency Management; the sweeping ellipse containing three stars, representing the efforts of Federal, State, and Local Governments in Emergency Management; and the words "Public Safety, Public Trust". The words represent the mandates of Emergency Management in its mission to help the public prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate against All Hazards.

Look for this new icon to become more visible in future awareness campaigns. Personally, I'll miss the old logo, as it's been a fixed point in my life for over 30 years, and for some of my peers a familiar symbol for an even longer time. Here's hoping that the new icon becomes just as recognizable and universal as the old.

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