Our Vehicles


Unit A

unit a

Formerly Mayor Olson's vehicle when he was Chief of Police, we've installed redundant radios, telephone equipment and weather instrumentation to replace the capabilities of the decommissioned Unit 454 (shown below). It is completely suited for early response command post use until one of the more complete MCCs can be brought in from IEMA.

Unit B

unit b

A retired and recycled Sandwich Police squad car, we have refitted it with radios to cover most area agencies, along with a IEMA issue Interoperability radio. It can be used for general response and patrol duties. We have specifically chosen the marking scheme to be sharply different than that of the police department.

unit b radio stack

Unit 454 (decommissioned 2012)

Unit 454, Mobile Operations Center, 1988 Ford/Horton Ambulance Conversion. The unit carried a small generator, light rescue equipment, and support supplies in case of extended operations. It also carried a compact version of the Railroad Street EOC. The cords allowed the batteries to be trickle charged and provided AC power for the rear equipment for testing and maintenance purposes.

Operating point in rear of MOC. There were three radios, one UHF and two VHF, programmed for most area frequencies. There was also a cellular phone and a Davis weather station.

Console with radios, light and siren controls for use while underway. The 'Unit 454' designation comes from the identifier for the vehicle as it appeared on the Sandwich FPD box cards.

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